About Us

We are a company employing engineers from all industries. We offer our clients integrated engineering consultancy and practical knowledge combined with knowledge of local conditions, international work standards and an individual approach to the client. In this way, we can ensure effective implementation of projects on both large and small scale. We use modern software and experience in project implementation. Our office is located in Plewiska. We implement projects in Poland and throughout Europe.


For our part, we assure you that we will be the most committed and trouble-free partner with whom cooperation will run smoothly. We will do our best to understand your needs better than anyone. The customer receives from us exactly the level of expertise that the situation requires. Regardless of what challenge you will face. Using the most effective time and resources, we provide clients with both profitability and high quality.


Staman Engineering is the sum of professional knowledge, experience and commitment of our employees. Each person makes a big difference when it comes to the final result. Attracting, developing and retaining the greatest talent is key to meeting customer expectations. This is why we care so much about finding talented employees and giving them opportunities to grow and succeed. The quality and experience of our employees are the company’s greatest value and are what sets us apart and what our clients value most. Thanks to our flexibility and active approach to ongoing projects, we can offer our partners solutions that will reduce investment costs and properly plan the schedule of a given project. This is also why 50% of our orders come from our regular customers, with whom we cooperated on their previous projects. The design team consists of designers specialized in industries such as architecture, constructions, sanitary installations, and electrical installations. We provide design services at every stage of the investment, from conceptual and construction design, to detailed and workshop designs. Our advantage is good coordination of work and constant communication between designers from various industries. The result of these activities is the high quality of services provided to our clients.


We have accumulated our experience by carrying out hundreds of projects. We offer a wide range of services related to project development from concept to workshop project, and ending with active participation in the implementation of the investment. Participation in projects of various branches of industry has given us experience and a broad view on problem issues enabling them to be solved effectively.